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Pros and Cons of the Uncircumcised Penis for Women

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

Many women shy away from the uncircumcised penis. Uncut men have been given the short end of the dick... I mean stick, sort to speak. The taboo surrounding the uncut penis is that they stink, you can easily get bacterial infections from sitting on one, they're too much work, and they're simply unattractive. While these may be some valid points, they may not be as bad as we've been lead to believe. In fact, they may actually be MORE pleasurable than the circumcised penis that most of us are used to.

Let's address the stigmas surrounding the uncircumcised penis mentioned above. First, the penis of any grown man who knows how to properly groom himself is unlikely to stink. Although the uncut men may have an extra step in cleaning themselves they typically know how to clean below the foreskin.

Second, it may be true that the foreskin can collect moisture creating the perfect breeding ground for bacteria that can cause yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, UTIs and HPV, however, again.... any grown man who knows how to properly groom himself can reduce that risk. You wouldn't be much more susceptible to catching any of these infections having sex with a properly cleaned uncircumcised man than you would from a circumcised one.

Third, they're too much work because you have to pull the skin down but really you don't. Once an uncircumcised penis gets erect, the head peaks out on its on and there isn't much more for you to do besides finish the job and get it to go back into its shell.

Fourth, they're ugly. Well... they do look a little sad with that extra skin hiding it when flaccid but once erect they can actually be kinda pretty with their smooth one toned skin.

There are actually some benefits to going pro-foreskin. The foreskin is more sensitive so it may actually result in LESS work for you to do in getting him off. When uncircumcised foreskin retracts, it can bunch at the base of his penis providing extra friction against the clitoris. It acts as a natural "glider" as it stays in place while the shaft continues to thrust which leads to increased pleasure for women and less friction inside the vagina requiring the use of less lubricant. Also, with less friction there is less pain. Women with circumcised partners are 3 times more likely to experience pain during sex.

With these facts, has your mind changed at all about giving the uncircumcised penis a try?

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1 Comment

Trecia Buckner
Oct 23, 2018

I agree with so many points in the post and I think some of those myths should be old news by now. I’ve seen more cut than uncut slabs of beef, but I think the uncut tribe is coming back and should be met with maturity, lol. Welcome to the blog world BKS!

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