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Intro To Anal

One of the most common topics discussed at our Romance Parties is Anal Sex. So many are curious but afraid to try to it mainly because they think that it will hurt. Truthfully, anal sex can be a very painful experience, first time or not, if NOT done properly. However, if you properly prepare yourself for the experience, it can lead to an orgasmic pleasure like you've never had before.

As I usually suggest when introducing new ideas into your bedroom, do it with someone who you trust! Trust is especially important when it comes to being able to truly enjoy sex, especially with anal sex. You need to be able to fully relax to enjoy this experience and being able to trust that your partner will not hurt you is key.

Before you begin any anal play ALWAYS "clean your bathroom before inviting company", as I say. Avoid anal sex immediately after large meals and cleanse your anal cavity before insertion of any items. Invest in an anal douche bottle that you can fill with warm water and insert to cleanse out any waste that could create a not so pleasant sexual experience 💩

Start small! Have your partner begin with a finger or small vibrator just to get used to the feeling. You can also prep and play with anal plugs or beads of various sizes. When you're ready, move on to a larger waterproof vibrator or dildo to use when you're relaxing alone in the bathtub. The warm water from the bath should help you feel less tense and without a partner you will feel less pressure to "get it in". Take your time and slowly insert the toy as far as you can take it. Try to take a little more each time until you can take it all. This may take multiple attempts but only take as much as you are comfortable with. The tissue around the rectum is sensitive and can easily tear and you do not want to cause damage. This IS supposed to be a pleasurable experience!

Once you've gotten used to the feeling and you think you've well prepared yourself for the full, hard-on experience with your partner, go for it. SAFELY! Let me reiterate the above, the tissue around the rectum is sensitive and can easily tear. Your partner should take their time going in and should enter while semi-erect, then get fully hard once inside as to not cause any damage. Use LOTS of lubricant! There are desensitizing lubricants for anal sex to numb the nerve endings that make the anal cavity so sensitive that I suggest for use especially for those new to the experience. Also, USE A CONDOM! Even with a long term partner, use a condom. The anal cavity carries a lot of bacteria that can easily spread and being able to simply remove the condom after anal sex makes for a much easier cleanup. It's the safest way to go from ATM (ass to mouth... or any other place) without risk of getting sick.

Are you ready to give it a try???

Shop Your Pleasure in our Anal Play category under Adult Toys and find some fun introductory anal toys and lubricants to get you started.

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