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Introducing Sex Toys Into Your Sex Life

Have you been thinking about spicing up your sex life with some fun adult playthings but your partner is hesitant? Is the idea of using sex toys in the bedroom intimidating to your partner? I have some tips for you that may get your partner more "open" to the idea (pun intended).

Choose the right time!

Introducing the idea of bringing sex toys into the bedroom without offending your partner isn't always easy. You would first want to be very comfortable with each other. Having strong trust and communication, inside and outside of the bedroom, is key to presenting your partner with a new idea. You also want to be sexually comfortable with each other already as well. The first time you have sex with a new partner is probably not the most opportune time to whip out the batteries and things from the nightstand unless you already KNOW they are into that. Give your partner lots of praise in the bedroom. You want to make sure that your partner knows that THEY ARE GOOD ENOUGH and that the the toys would in no way be a substitute but an enhancement to the pleasure that they bring you.

So, how can you find out if your partner is into that? The easiest way to find out would be to just ask them! That's why it's important to be comfortable with your partner and have open communication. You can also try gauging their response to sex toys by showing them an article or product that you are interested in trying with them. If they show interest, GO SHOPPING TOGETHER! Browsing products online is a perfect way to find out what your partner may or may not be into.

Relax your partner!

This is why trust is important! Try blindfolding your partner and giving them a full body massage first. Keep your toys and cleansing wipes in the nightstand by the bed so that you don't have to interrupt the mood to go find your toys to play with. Your partner is less likely to protest the use of toys in the moment if they don't see what's coming and much more likely to go for it when the mood is hot so you would want to have your toys within arms reach.

Start small! When introducing your partner to sex toys for the first time, don't break out the big guns! Start with introductory sex toys that you can both enjoy like a finger vibrator for her to give additional clitoral stimulation or turn him into the sex toy with a vibrating cockring for him to wear. Our Couples Euphoria Kit is a perfect starter set to try. Experiment with your partner and add bigger sex toys and furniture as your partner becomes more open.

Don't push the issue!

Remember that intimacy is the goal and only you both know what works for your relationship. If your partner just isn't into toys then leave the subject alone and try using other fun things to add spice to your sex life to start with like massage lotions, lubricants, sexy lingerie, or bedroom games to play with.

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