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He's Great... but the Sex Isn't.

Imagine this, you've met a guy that you've been dating a couple of months and EVERYTHING seems amazing about him. He's honest, attentive, supportive, stable and successful, loves his family, knows how to effectively communicate, has no drama, and is absolutely head over heels with you and all that you come with. It sounds too good to be true but you are falling for him deep and fast. You throw caution to the wind and make him The One, hoping that he's your last one, and decide that "tonight is the night". You invite him over to your place for a special evening that you have planned and everything goes so perfectly that it's like a cheesy romance novel. In the heat of passion, you lead him to the bedroom and invite him IN.... and here is where you feel a tinge of disappointment as he is over you sweating and humping his life force into you but it's NO GOOD. Would you continue to date him and look over the sex issue or is sex so important to you in a relationship, if that one thing is off then the entire relationship is too?

If you are leaning toward the latter then I am here to tell you that it does not have to be the end of a what could be a beautiful relationship. Yes, sexual satisfaction is an important part in an intimate relationship but just because your current partner doesn't perform to your expectations, it doesn't mean that the two of you can't experiment until you get it right.

There are a number of reasons why a man's sexual performance may be lacking such as a smaller than average size penis (although the average penis size is only 4-6 inches erect), premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, or simply not enough "motion in the ocean" but there is a sexual solution for each of these issues. You both just have to be open to trying new things. In general, you could always opt for more oral sex for satisfaction or introduce sex toys into the bedroom.

If it's the "motion in the ocean" that you are dissatisfied with, that's an easy fix. Well, it's easy if you know yourself well enough. If you have gotten to know yourself intimately then you can guide him to all of your most erogenous zones. Tell him exactly what you like and how to achieve that orgasm, let him watch you masturbate or even better use his hands instead of your own, or TAKE CONTROL yourself by adding your own waves to the ocean.

Now in the other cases mention above, it may take a bit more creativity to reach a level of sexual satisfaction with your partner. In these cases, a couple could consider erectile pills, desensitizing creams, penile enhancements that can be worn as an extension of the penis so size matters less and you never have to worry about a loss of erection, and even prostate play to aid in healthy erections. Fortunately, men who are aware that they have any of these sexual issues are much more likely to participate in sexual experimentation to satisfy their partners. Unlike the more well endowed men who are often more opposed to any "extras" in the bedroom because they feel that they are all that you need. In this openness to try new things, you could end up actually having some of the most amazing sexual experiences you've ever had.

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