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6 Playmate Games That Won't Break The Bank

Let's face it, maintaining a happy and healthy relationship isn't always peachy. Especially for couples who have been together for a number of years, it takes work to keep the relationship interesting and fresh. As always, my number one suggestion to keeping any relationship in a healthy state is open and honest COMMUNICATION and TRUST! Regardless of anything else that I may suggest or that you may try to spice things up, it won't be worth the attempt unless you have these two things going strong in your relationship. After communication and trust, there comes FUN! You have to be able to have fun, laugh, and play with your mate often, even in the bedroom. Most people take sex so seriously it becomes like a ritual which can eventually lead to boredom. While having a sex routine isn't bad (it's definitely better than not having sex regularly at all), here are a few games you can play that you may already have at home to add a little more excitement to your sex life that are sure to lead to a lot of fun, laughs, and amazing sex.


All you need for this game is yourself and your partner and most of us already know how this game is played. This is a game that can be used as an opportunity to open up more around your partner. Take this time to learn more about each other's fantasies and reveal the things that you really want or are curious to try in the bedroom... or outside of it.

I DECLARE WAR! Engage your partner in a fun fight. It can be a pillow fight, tickle fight, Nerf gun fight, race to the finish, basketball game, etc. but whatever your battle, the loser or first to surrender has to perform a chosen sexual favor on the winner. If you're playing a game of points you can even turn it into a stripping game by removing a layer of clothing each time your partner scores a point until one or both of you are naked.


Blindfold your partner with a scarf, necktie, or blindfold that you have at home and take control. Tease them playfully or ravish them recklessly but don't go for anything that you aren't sure they'll be totally comfortable with at this time. The point of this game is not experimentation but anticipation! Not having the sense of sight during sex can dramatically increase physical sensitivity as well as psychological vulnerability creating heightened arousal.


All you need is a deck of cards and a timer. Give each suit a sexy meaning like Hearts=kissing, Diamonds=tickle, etc. while the number represents the number of seconds (or minutes if you're nasty😜) to do each act. Take turns picking up cards from the deck and playing with each other. Play until you run out of cards in the deck or until one act leads to another without a card instructing you to. Make this game even more enticing with a sexy deck of adult playing cards to keep in your nightstand.


If you have the Twister board game in your closet, get it down and play this game with a twist. Lay the game mat on the floor or for an additional challenge, lay it across your mattress. The bounce from your mattress will make it even harder to hold your balance and you won't have to relocate to a more comfortable place once the game heats up. Play the game as instructed but with every fall, remove a piece of clothing until one of you is naked. This is a fun way to gain flexibility and possibly learn a new sex position or few as your bodies intertwine on the mat.


Place your favorite cleaned sex toys into a bag and one of you reach in, without looking (another good excuse to blindfold your partner), and pull one out. Whatever toy you pick is the one you and your partner must use during foreplay or intercourse. Make it even more fun by adding a mix of both his and her toys and you both choose a toy for the evening doubling your pleasure.

These fun and intimate bedroom game ideas are perfect for foreplay to increase arousal, sharing fantasies to bring you closer together, and creating memories that will make you associate fun in your relationship with love making. Now go play!

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