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  • The shining metal of this plug is topped by a bushy tail of REAL fur.
  • The smooth, flawless aluminum alloy is designed with a tapered tip and gently swelled body, with a slim shaft and flared base to help keep it comfortably in place.
  • The metal warms quickly to body temperature, and can be heated up or cooled down as you desire.
  • The plush tail is thick, full, and luxurious.
  • Cloud soft and sturdily anchored in place, it will wag and wiggle with every movement.
  • Metal makes an ideal anal play material, since it is non-porous, easy to clean, and safe with all types of lube.
  • The alloy material is slick and smooth like stainless steel, with less weight.
  • Plug measures 3.65 in. long, 3.25 in. insertable.
  • Tail measures 12 in. long, approximately 3.5 in. thick.

Untamed Fox Tail

    • Brand: Master Series
    • Shape: Tapered, Extreme
    • Texture: Smooth
    • User: Women or Men
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