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(Trinity Vibes Come Hither Couples Kit, Assorted Sizes, Blue)

  • Mutually satiate your senses with the Trinity Vibes Come Hither Couples Kit.
  • The Come Hither is the set you've been looking to add to your treasure chest of naughty niceties.
  • The tranquil blue exterior takes nothing away from how powerful each of these toys is.
  • Prepare your body for the set of Kegel exercises.
  • Each ball measures 1.4 inches in diameter, just enough to hold on to as you wait for what's next.
  • If you're up to the challenge, hold the balls in as you introduce your most sensitive areas to the Remote Bullet Vibe.
  • At only 2.25 inches and 1.05 inches wide, the bullet vibe will test your pleasure limits just enough for you to want more.
  • At this point, you can add the vibrating anal plug.
  • The anal plug is designed to send you over the edge every time it vibrates in your backdoor.
  • Just when you think you can barely hold it in, the anal plug springs a sexy surprise.
  • Leave in the plug and use the removable vibe!
  • At only 3.88 inches long, the vibe detaches from the anal plug and can be used on any pleasure spots on the body.
  • Combine all the toys during playtime and have your lover calling out for more.
  • The whole set is made of Thermoplastic Rubber or ABS plastic.
  • Additionally, they're all waterproof, phthalate-free and easy to clean.

Trinity Vibes Couples Kit

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