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  • Specifically designed to give you harder and longer lasting erections
  • This means that with this premium cock ring, sex will feel 10x better than ever before.
  • At the top of the ring is a small vibrator that is designed to tease you're partner as you're pumping away.
  • With each and every stroke, this tiny vibrator will intensify the experience for the both of you, eventually bringing you to that satisfying climax.

Pierced Tongue Cockring

    • Brand: Hott Products
    • Category: Cock Rings
    • Color: Magenta
    • Erogenous Zone: Clitoris
    • Feature: Waterproof, Bestseller
    • Function: Vibrating
    • Material: Silicone
    • Powered By: Batteries Included
    • User: Couples, Men
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