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Little Genie Cupcake Wrapper and Topper Sets

  • These fun cupcake sets are sure to get any party on the right track.
  • Each set includes 24 cupcake wrappers and 24 toppers, 4 different designs.
  • Bridal Wrappers and Toppers: 
  • Wrappers read Happily Ever After; Bridal Wrappers and Toppers show image of engagement ring that reads I do!, image of a wedding cake, groom and bride, and two cups of champange. 
  • Hot Bods Wrappers and Toppers:
  • Includes wrappers with A Good Man Is Hard To Find printed on the bottoms; The Hot Bods have Make A Wish And Blow and Party Yours Pants Off on the cupcake toppers. Colors may vary.
  • Naughty Wrappers and Toppers:
  • Comes with a cartoon penis on the bottom of each wrapper; Topper are cartoon penis with Wonder Wang and Super Phallactic printed on them.
  • PrideParty Wrappers and Toppers:
  • Set is certain to make your party treats the talk of the room with the messages, "We ARE LOUD & PROUD," and, "We ARE HERE & QUEER!" 
  • Cannabis Cupcake Wrappers and Toppers
  • These ganja-themed toothpick toppers will make any special recipe you create more chill as they say, 'Let's Get Baked,' 'Cookin' with Chronic,' 'Keep Calm & Medicate,' and 'It's 420 Somewhere'!

Little Genie Cupcake Set

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